We garden organically, and take seriously the feedback we get from the environment.  If something isn’t working, we use our experience and knowledge to seek out new, site specific solutions. We implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM), reduce inputs of foreign soil and fertilizers into your garden while reducing the output of native soil and plants. We practice sustainability, recycling and the re-purposing of on-site material whenever possible.

As our name suggests, our passion is for native plants that will lead to low water and labor gardens, thriving in their natural habitat. We design with an eye for a sense of place in the garden highlighting the elements that make where we live so wonderful, and have a particular fondness for dynamic and organic compositions. Please feel free to look at our pictures or blog for a better sense of the textures and color aesthetics we embrace.

Obviously the most important factor in the landscaping of your garden is you. While we will always try and steer you to sustainable solutions, our most important desire is to act as a ‘native guide’, leading from the starting point of your wishes and ideas towards a garden than can make both you happy and your plants healthy. Our goal is the long term health and sustainability of your garden.  We work with the aim that your garden thrives more and more on its own over time.

Our initial consultation is free and we’ll get back to you quickly with a bid outlining our services, hours and costs. We hope to hear from you soon!