Garden Management

Outside of day to day maintenance, larger gardens also can benefit from a garden manager that takes a longer term, more invested approach to your garden. For clients that do not need a full-time manager, we offer all the same services but on a part-time or as needed basis. These services include:

  • Assembling and management of a stable garden crew for your estate
  • Management of ordering, deliveries, and up-keep of existing garden infrastructure
  • Maintenance of indoor plants and weekly floral arrangements
  • Management of edible gardens, including planning, planting, crop rotation, pruning, harvesting, composting, introduction of bees, and maintenance of year-round planting schedules
  • Managing the array of specialists that you may need (Arborists, Irrigation Specialists, Apiarists, Electricians, Pool and Pond Specialists, etc …) to keep you garden functioning optimally and looking great
  • Management of water reduction efforts (programing timers, rain/grey water systems, tracking/planning consumption, regular mulching, etc …)

We have over 15 years experience with working on estate gardens, and are sensitive to the concerns of our larger clients. We have plenty of references available upon demand and are happy to work with you to manage everything on your property, outside of your home.