Garden Maintenance

Our focus as fine gardeners is on garden maintenance. This goes back to our philosophy of working with the land and getting to know your garden well. We have lots of experience in maintaining your existing garden as-is, or gradually transitioning it to a more sustainable, native garden at a pace you and your budget are comfortable with; quickly or over the course of a few seasons.

  • We offer the use of Integrated Pest Management and avoid all chemical pesticides
  • We use only non-chemical, organic fertilizers and materials
  • We have experience replacing traditional lawns for natives grasses
  • Pruning and care of your fruit trees and bushes, to ensure the largest harvest possible.
  • We have experience growing vegetables for your table in both beds and planter boxes.
  • We can create and manage your own compost pile on site.

As with all our services, you only pay for our time and materials (passed on at cost). We have a minimum commitment of 1 day (6 hours) per month that we ask of our maintenance customers.